Sewer Deduct Meter

Sewer Deduct Meter Rules 

1. One Hundred percent (100%) of water used for which deduction is requested must have been prevented from entering sewer system.

2. No deduction shall be granted for users of the sewer system who are delinquent in their payment to the City for such service.

3. Eligible for use of Deduct Meter from April 1 to October 1 annually.

4. Meter shall be used only by user to whom it is registered and at the service location to which it is assigned.

5. Monthly use fee will be charged at $4.00/month. One month minimum, no partial months.

6. User shall pay a deposit of $50.00 for said meter, which shall be paid back to user upon return of meter in complete and good condition.

7. The Sewer Deduct will be figured upon return of meter unit to the City Utility Department with sewer credit given on the next month’s billing.

8. This meter shall be used for watering garden, lawn, washing automobiles and filling pools, to receive sewer deduct credit.