Normally brush and yard waste are picked up on Thursdays and Fridays. The city will pick up only normal tree and bush trimmings. The property owner will dispose of all other tree parts. The Superintendent of Utilities must approve all other disposals. Piles will be no larger than 6’ X 6’ X 6’ and pieces must be less than 12″ in diameter.

Brush and yard waste should be stacked at the edge of the road or curbside with branches laying in the same direction. Do not put brush and yard waste piles or bags on street surface, ditches, gutters or blocking sidewalks.

Beginning January 1, 2002, yard waste will no longer be picked up in plastic bags. Yard waste must be placed in paper bags. City utility customers that live within the city limits of Marshall may pick up these paper bags at the Marshall Public Library, 612 Archer Ave. The Library hours are 10AM – 5PM Monday – Saturday. There is a limit of 15 bags per visit.

Online Yard Waste Pick-up Request Form