Getting Ready for Spring in Marshall, Illinois

As we look forward to the weather slowly improving here in Marshall, we think of (or maybe long for) Spring. We’ve been experiencing some ups and downs with the temperature. Still, temperatures will soon rise, taking our spirits with it.


More and more, we can get out and about to enjoy everything our wonderful town offers.


As Lion’s basketball season and March Madness winds down, we start to think about baseball and the familiar sounds of the crack of the bat and the cheers in the stands. March is a lively month. Major league baseball teams are down south doing their Spring training in warmer weather, getting their veteran players and the rookies ready for the start of their season.


We are starting to think about our Spring planting to have flowers and vegetables blooming and growing in our gardens. It may be too soon to get our seeds in the ground, but getting our gardens ready, choosing what to plant, and making a plan will get us ahead.


Our parks are getting ready for fishing and camping season. In fact, our Mill Creek Park needs help in the campground as the season looms. They are accepting applications for Campground Hosts. They are seeking people who can live in the campground through their entire season and have a welcoming and pleasant demeanor. Hosts must be a team player and be available to help the other camp hosts as needed. The candidates will be willing to learn a lot about the park and be able to answer questions when campers need assistance or information about the park’s activities and benefits, as well as the rules and regulations. They are expected to be well-versed in local events, shopping, restaurants, and during the season, hosts help set up events for the kids and Saturday Welcome Socials. Campground hosts are given a free campsite and free electricity. If you want to know more about this excellent opportunity to live and work at this amazing park, visit their website and apply – You can head down to the park in person to apply as well.

Mill Creek Park is located at 20482 N. Park Entrance Rd. Marshall, IL 62441.


Camping season generally starts April 1 at the park, weather pending. Now would be an excellent time to book camp spot dates or cabin rentals. There are cabins for rent for those who prefer a more “indoor” experience and primitive sites for those who prefer to “rough it.” you don’t have to be a host to enjoy camping; however, the park offers 139 campsites with electric and water stations, shower and restroom facilities, and playground areas. And lots of fun things to do. There is something for everyone.


Speaking of parks, it is not too soon to start fishing and camping. Mill Creek park offers excellent fishing, boat rentals, or bringing your boat. Though we might have to wait until April for some fishing, March is the best month for crappie fishing. As waters begin warming, fish start to move up from deeper waters. If you move to the warmest part of the lake, you can also catch some Largemouth Bass this month. For these guys, you want to fish early morning or late in the day in March, especially on overcast days.


March is the month that bridges us from Winter to Spring. Temperatures will bounce from the 40s to the 60s, from cold rainy days to unexpectedly warm sunny ones. It is hard to know daily whether to bring a sweater or break out the shorts. Make sure to be on top of the weather, so you ward off that final winter cold. But for those excited to see the warmer weather approaching, let us rejoice at the end of the long, cold, darker days. Enjoy the weather, regardless of whether you prefer hiking, fishing, and camping or just strolling in and out of the shops downtown.


Remember that you live in one of the best little towns in America and enjoy all Marshall offers.