Time to Enjoy the Holidays and Welcome in 2024

Christmas in Marshall is just days away, and in reality, so is 2024. We have had an exciting year with ups and downs, good and bad, but by the grace of God, we are still here and ready for what comes next.


Finish that shopping – stay local!

If you still need to finish your Christmas shopping, having the final weekend to get out there and get the goods is the luck of Christmas falling on a Monday. You still have time!! Our wonderful local stores will be open this weekend, and sales are being offered at many of them. Check their holiday hours and get those final gifts checked off the list. Casey Candle Company, the Romona Rose Boutique, Back in the Woods, and Tatum’s Place are all open for business and have sales for last-minute shopping types. Husbands… we’re talking to you. Get her something pretty at one of these great stores. Clover Field Market wants to remind you they have lots of gift ideas for you. Please stop by and see what one-of-a-kind treasures they have to offer. They offer 30% off all Christmas items and 20% off the entire store inventory, including food items. It’s not too late to add to your Christmas display or get something pretty for the dinner table and holiday meal. Speaking of Holiday meals, if you want to add some libations to the festivities, Moes Liquors offers package goods, beer, spirits, and a great selection of wine to compliment your menu. They have brought in some exceptional sweet red wines for the holiday, too. Take a break from shopping and grab a bite or a cocktail while you’re there. They have some new, fun food menu items they have just added.


A time for reflection:

Our churches are getting ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services. Marshall Baptist Church is offering two masses on Christmas Eve. You can attend their Christmas Eve morning service at 10 am or the beautiful Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 5 pm. If you need a reminder of what the holiday is really about, a candlelight service will be an excellent way to find the real spirit of the season and welcome it into your heart.


Whatever your beliefs, Christmas and the entire holiday season is an excellent time to reflect and regroup. It’s a time when we wish for peace here in Marshall and all around the world. Our local places of worship offer services and will be happy to see you and welcome you even if you are not a regular attendee.


The holidays are a time for community. They are a time for friends and family to gather together and put differences aside. Make time to connect with people. Reach out to help people in need. Not everyone is blessed with enough food or toys for their kids. Invite people to your table who might otherwise be alone.


Make those resolutions:

One year is ending, and another looms in the near distance. At this time of the year, many people make resolutions about the coming year. “This year, I will stop smoking cigarettes.” “I will lose those 20 pounds… get to the gym more… get a new job… make a new business plan… make more money, etc., etc.” Somehow, most of those resolutions fall by the wayside, and we find ourselves right back where we started. And that’s okay!


It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow through on every resolution. A new year is on the horizon, and new things will happen. This year, resolve to do the best you can to be kinder, more understanding, more open to possibilities, and a little bit better at the things that matter to you in the coming year. Make resolutions that will help the people in your life, the people in your community, and the great town you are lucky to live in. (We mean you, Marshall residents!)


Who knows? 2024 might be the best year of your life. Let go of the past and embrace the future. Forgive and forget; you won’t regret it in the long run. And… go easy on yourself. Resolve to do your best to have the best year possible, and the universe will do the rest!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Marshall! We love you all.