Thank you for your interest in Marshall!

Marshall has a strong consumer base of nearly 59,000 residents and 24,000 workers in the trade area.  I-70, which cuts through the north end of town carries over 21,000 motorist each day and Route 1 and Route 40, carry thousands more to the downtown area.  Currently consumer demand exceeds the available retail supply by more than $195 million a year.  Retail sales in the trade area are $595 million a year, but that's not nearly enough to satisfy consumer demand. When you open your retail business here, you'll join a growing list of large national retailers as well as unique and eclectic retailers.

Marshall is the county seat for Clark County, Starting from an agricultural base growing into a manufacturing and industrial economy, the strong work ethics of our work force is leading Marshall as their new location.

Under the business section of this website, you will find traffic counts, available sites and buildings, grant applications and much more.

Our Economic Development team is ready to meet with you at any time, To learn how you can become part of our family friendly town, call the Marshall Chamber of Commerce today, 217-826-2034.

Available Locations

Available Grants

Local Grants

Revitalization/Demo Program(Residential and Commercial) –This grant was established to provide some assistance to property owners who demolish an existing structure or clears a burnt structure.  The structure needs to be cleared of debris, leveled and seeded and/or replaces.  This grant will pay 50% of labor/waste disposal fees for any demolition up to a maximum of $2000 or $500 to rehabilitate a structure that is causing a health hazard.  The grant will be provided for 50% of the services purchased.  The fee will be rebated by way of a grant as approved by the City of Marshall Economic Development Committee.


Utility Grant Application - This grant was established to help new businesses with their utility costs. Based on job creation, the grant will pay up to $1,200 per year.  The grant can be applied to the business applicant's utility account or be used towards utility hook-up fees for a new business. If payment defaults or you have a late payment you forfeit the remainder of the grant.  All applications will be reviewed and approved by the City of Marshall's Economic Development Committee on a case-by-case basis.  Grants will be awarded on a first-come/first-serve basis as long as funds are available.


New Business Construction Grant Program. This program is designed for new construction within city limits. The incentive provides up to $2,500 for new construction businesses.  The grant is for a 30” culvert and backfill, electric meter box fees, water meter fees, sewer tap fees and gas line up to 2.25 per foot, and meter fees.  The fee will be rebated by way of a grant as approved by the City of Marshall Economic Development Committee.



For further questions about Economic Development in the City of Marshall please contact the Economic Development Director.