Electric Departmental Duties

The Electric Department has 3 full time electric lineman employees, 1 full time groundsman and 2 power plant operators.

The electric lineman employees maintain the two electrical substations, 13,800-volt primary distribution system and secondary service to the city’s 2413 electric customers. Other important tasks include street light system maintenance, tree trimming around overhead primary lines, tree cutting, tree planting, installation of new and maintenance of existing residential, commercial services. They also help with community projects such as erecting and maintaining flags along Illinois Route 1 and Archer Avenue throughout the summer season, seasonal pole banners and Christmas decorations.

The power plant operators are in charge of the maintenance and operation of 8 Caterpillar Quick Start Diesel Gen Sets capable of producing 1725 KW each and one Electric Mechanical Diesel (EMD) Gen Set at 3500 KW. The city has the capabilities of producing 16,550 KW. This amount will provide for 100% backup power for the City at its current normal loading.

When the operators are not needed for plant duties, they help in other utility departments.

Service Territory

The present service area includes customers within the city limits and city water wells just east of town.

Wholesale Power Supplier

Since 1991 the City has been one of 29 municipal electric utilities that are full requirements member of the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA). The IMEA sells wholesale electricity to the city along with providing some technical engineering support, communications and economic development services. The city purchases 100% of its electric energy needs from the IMEA. This method of purchasing wholesale energy with the City operating and maintaining the distribution system provides to the citizens a reliable service at reasonable rates also allowing local control over this valuable facility.

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