June 2, 1958

  • Council heard report of possible natural gas system for Marshall.

February 5, 1962

  • Council heard from C.I.P.S. about plans of possible proposed natural gas distribution system by fall of 1962.

1963 General system description

  • Natural Gas System Installed – system consisted of 6″ transmission system (high pressure distribution line) from State Line metering station, which is located on North side US Rte 40 approximately 1 mile west of the Illinois/Indiana state line, through Marshall to the Casey/Martinsville metering station located on the South side of US Rte 40 approximately ¼ mile west of intersection of US Rte 40 and National Road (old US Rte 40) west of town. The system also included all the smaller diameter distribution lines.

October 14, 1963

  • Council approved motion to let bids for natural gas transmission system.

December 17, 1963

  • Council awarded bid to Universal Pipeline Contractors, Inc., Kansas City, MO for natural gas transmission system.

January 6, 1964

  • Council awarded bid to Tri-State Pipeline Construction Co., Joliet, IL for natural gas distribution system.

November 3, 1965

  • Council hired Clark Dietz and Painter to construct the meter station at the west edge of Marshall at the most practical location possible, near our end of the gas line.

January 24, 1966

  • Council made motion to construct 14’ x 24’ x 8’ metal building at the East Station of the gas line.

August 8, 1966

  • Council approved plans and specification as presented to the council by Clark, Dietz and Associates for remodeling the east gas metering station at the state line.
  • Remodeled Pressure Reduction Station – The state line metering and pressure reducing station was remodeled to allow all pressure reducing valves to be placed inside a building to help prevent freezing of equipment.


  • Relocated 6″ High Pressure Main – Relocated 6″ HP main to allow for construction of Interstate 70. This relocation occurred at the current I-70 exit number 154 that is where US Rte 40 crosses over I-70, 13 miles east of Marshall.


  • Replaced Bypass Odorizing Equipment – Install an Electropmenmatic Odorant Injection system with 150-gallon odorant storage tank.


  • Replaced Heater – At the State Line Metering station the oil bath heater was replaced with an oil bath heater complete with preheat bath and electronic pilot ignition on the main burner.


  • Replaced State Line Metering Station Building – In the fall of 2000 the State Line Metering station building was hit by lightning and destroyed beyond repair. Therefore, the building was replaced and expanded by 4 feet to the west to allow for the metering equipment to be placed inside the building out of the elements.