Get Excited for the 4th of July Weekend in Marshall, Illinois!

Summer is here, and it’s time to get out and get some fresh air, hear some great music, and see some exciting fireworks. We’ve been missing our fantastic Marshall City Band, but that wait is over.

The first Summer Concert on the Square – summer 2020

The Marshall City band will be performing on Friday, July 3rd, at 8 pm on the Marshall Town Square Bandstand. Typically, the band performs every Friday night in the summer months, June, July, and August, but they have been on hold due to the social distancing requirements of COVID 19. The band consists of more than 50 members, and as such, social distancing was a concern. But as we begin to reopen slowly, we are pleased to have our first concert of the 2020 summer as we launch into the 4th of July weekend in marshall.

A little history about the band:

The Marshall Municipal Band is one of the oldest continuously performing bands of its kind in Illinois. Established in 1875, the band has been making music for over 140 years. They weren’t the big group they are now, but they did start with around 20 members and were led by Professor Leander Alexander Wallace, who first organized the group. There have been a total of 10 band leaders throughout the band’s existence.

At the time when they began, the band consisted of only male musicians and was then as it is now, a complete volunteer group though they do receive occasional compensation for playing. Of course, they have since added female musicians to their ranks of both men and women who come from many walks of life.

The Marshall bandstand was built in 1929 with donated materials and a group of volunteers who erected the bandstand as a labor of love. One claim to fame for the group is that in 1998, our Marshall City Band was featured in the National Geographic magazine as part of their “America’s First Highway” story about the National Road.

During the American Bicentennial in 1975, the band was asked to go to Washington D.C. to perform as part of the ceremonies. They have traveled to several communities near and far to participate in festivals over their long history.
We are so pleased to have them back on their bandstand and have missed the music and community they offer our townsfolk and visitors.

Fireworks – 4th of July Weekend – Marshall – Don’t miss the excitement.

We have all been cooped up inside, doing our part to help keep each other safe during this difficult time. No one loves the 4th of July more than the people of Clark County and Marshall, and we love our celebrations, especially on the weekend.

While we want to remind everyone to stay the course and continue following the guidelines that will help keep vulnerable people from contracting Corona Virus, we also want to express our gratitude for our nation’s birth.

This Saturday, July 4th, head out to the Clark County Fairgrounds to enjoy a marvelous fireworks display honoring our great nation. There is plenty of room to enjoy the booms, fanfare, and lights as we collectively ooh and ahh while still allowing for social distancing.

Pick your spot before dusk and prepare to be dazzled. Please note that the grandstands are closed to the public. We recommend bringing blankets to sit on or camp chairs, but please be respectful of one another. Keep children close to the family and spread out, making room for everyone in attendance.

Clark County Fairgrounds
2nd Street, Marshall, IL 62441
8pm – 10pm

Please be safe this holiday weekend. If you have gatherings, picnics, or barbeques, it may not be as festive as in years past with smaller groups and some of our senior citizens unable to attend. But we hope that you will enjoy the music and fireworks, good food, and fellowship safely.

If you are visiting Marshall to hear our band concert or watch the fireworks display, be sure to visit our shops, which are open for business and adhering to safety guidelines. Or maybe check out our restaurants, most of which are offering to go food for picnicking in one of our great parks, sitting on the lawn at the town square for the concert, or enjoying an outdoor feast under the stars as the fireworks delight you and your family.

Marshall is one of the friendliest towns in Illinois, and we love visitors. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend out enjoying everything Marshall has to offer.