Halloween is Over – Let’s Start Christmas Shopping, Marshall!

Okay, so we all know that Thanksgiving is between Halloween and Christmas. Still, somehow, we hyper-jump into Christmas as soon as the costumes and scary decorations get put away. Yes, most of us love Thanksgiving. In our next article this month, we will talk about the turkey and fixings.

However, we want you to know about some significant holiday shopping events that are happening before we sit down and stuff our faces with Thanksgiving day food.


Shop Locally – Eat Local – Support Local

Tis the season to support small businesses, and Marshall has plenty of fantastic small businesses that keep you close to home this, and every, holiday season. When you buy your holiday gifts at a local store, you can browse, see, touch, and maybe even smell the product you’re buying (yes, candles and perfumes are excellent gifts)! Why shop out of town in some big box store or buy things online that you choose from tiny images on your computer screen when you can go shop locally?

As for eating local, we have plenty of great places to stop for coffee, baked goods, hot chocolate, lunch, dinner, and pizza! While you are out and about shopping, grab a bite or order something to take home for the family. Did I say PIZZA yet?


Getting ahead of the gift buying

Start this weekend…

Start this weekend by shopping for unique and adorable clothes and accessories at Back in the Woods. They are having their Christmas Open House this weekend, Friday, Nov 4, Saturday, Nov 5, and Sunday, Nov 6. Not only will you find cute clothes, funny tee shirts, and Christmas theme attire, but they also have accessories and home decor items. They still have their fun Fall shirts available, too, so grab something to wear to the Thanksgiving Day feast or football games. Choose from Tee shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Head to  Back in the Woods is located at 16134 Aspen St. Marshall, Illinois – Open House hours are Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-4, and Sunday noon to 4 pm.


Another great open house is happening at Ovie’s Attic.

This will be their 7th Annual Christmas Open House and a must-stop on your Christmas shopping trail. Hours for the open house are Saturday, Nov 5 (9 am to 5 pm) and Sunday, Nov 6 (11 am to 3 pm). They have been getting ready for this weekend and have lots of one-of-a-kind refurbished furniture, antiques, a line of candles, and one-of-a-kind holiday gifts. There will be refreshments and prizes too.

Ovie’s is located at 15606 E. Aspen St., Marshall, IL.


Next weekend head over to Clover Field Market.

This small business season, support a favorite local establishment. “Christmas at Clover Field” is happening on November 11th & 12th, and there will be giveaways, small bites, and spiced cider.

Clover Field Market offers unique antiques, farm-style goods and gifts, both vintage and modern, and hand-crafted jewelry created by local artist Sarah Lycan. They specialize in custom-built farm tables that you cannot buy anywhere else. Each of these beauties is handmade to order. They also sell hand-fed, all-natural, and humanely-raised beef by the cut, quarter, half, or whole. So. be sure to order your beef for the Christmas feast directly from them.

Clover Field Market had its beginnings back in 1973 when owner Arthur Miller (not the famous playwright) found that at 80 years of age, he was struggling to take care of his cattle. So, his grandson, Bill Maurer, took over the tasks of feeding and caring for them in his senior year of high school. He would do those chores before and after school all year, and that summer, he was given the heifer of his choice as a reward. Bill started with that single cow and added it to his father’s small herd. Little by little, the father and son team grew their herd.

In 2006, Bill’s dad died, and Bill and his wife, Susan, purchased his father’s share of the herd. They kept up keeping some of the heifers and changing the bull every two years to sustain the bloodline. Most cattle are either black Angus or Hereford and are still hand-fed with grain, grass, and hay twice a day. The cattle at Clover Field market are never given steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. They are raised with pride, and Bill claims to know each cow’s individual quirks and traits.

Marshall has its share of one-of-a-kind places to shop. So stay local, shop locally, think local, and rejoice this holiday season in the great town we live in or are near enough to visit!