Happy 4th of July – Spend it in Marshall, Illinois and Around Clark County

Where else would you rather be than in Marshall, Illinois, on the 4th of July? Nowhere, at least at night on the fourth, where the festivities will be at the Clark County Fairgrounds. The Marshall City Band will be tuning up and getting ready for an hour-long concert of patriotic music starting at 8 PM. As the last note is played, get ready to look toward the stars for a spectacular fireworks display.

But that’s not all that’s happening around Marshall and Clark County. If you love celebrating the 4th of July, in Marshall, Illinois, why not start early?


Spend the weekend at Mill Creek Park:

On July 2nd, head to Mill Creek Park for the first part of this festive weekend and enjoy the

BBQ Cook-Off “Smoke on the Water” and Wine Tasting. The fun starts at 5 PM at the concession stand area. Bring your best barbeque dishes and your favorite wine to share with friends. All donations go to fund future special events.


For more information, call (217) 889-3901 or email dbrown@ccparkdistrict.com

Come back to Mill Creek Park or just camp out and stick around for fun on July 3rd. There will be a whole day of things to do with lots of food, and all kinds of fun activities for the entire family, capped off by their fireworks display at dusk. Enjoy all the park has to offer, from boating, hiking, and camping.

Mill Creek Park is located at:

20482 N. Park Entrance Road

Marshall, IL 62441


Casey, Illinois has some BIG FUN to offer too:

Suppose you are looking for the pomp and circumstance, bands, floats, and hoopla of a parade, head to the City of Casey, where the parade kicks off at 10 AM. After the parade, there will be lots of 4th of July activities and live entertainment at Fairview Park. They will also be offering a fireworks display in the evening on the fourth. While you’re there, check out all the “big” things they have to offer. While Marshall boasts the world’s largest gavel, Casey has even more big stuff! Check out the list from the world’s largest mailbox, knitting needles, pencils, and rocking chair. Take a tug on the string of the world’s largest wind chimes. For the complete list of oversized items, go to https://www.bigthingssmalltown.com/.


Another town in Clark County that knows how to whoop it up on the 4th is West Union.

West Union Independence Day (Formerly the West Union, Illinois 4th of July Celebration) will be held on Saturday, July 2nd this year! Despite rumors to the contrary, they will be holding their fireworks display this year on the evening of the 2nd. This will give you another option to start the celebration early.

Their schedule of events is as follows:

3:00 PM – The Parade kicks off (sponsored by The West Union Community Club)

This year’s parade theme is “United We Stand.”

3:30 PM – Food Tents Open

3:45 PM – Flag Ceremony (West Union American Legion)

4:30 PM – Auction

7:00 PM – The Jake Hoult Band

9:10 PM – Raffle Drawing

9:15 PM – Fireworks Display by J & M Display’s


The West Union Independence Day Celebration will be held at:
203 N. State Hwy 1
West Union, IL  62477


Whatever you decide to do this holiday weekend, whether it is to take in every possible event, see every parade, and as many fireworks displays as you can, remember why we are celebrating. Wear your red, white, and blue with pride and honor the men and women of our armed services who have fought and died to keep our country and all of us safe and free. Hug a soldier and thank them for their service. Hang your flags outside your home and businesses, and be thankful for all we have as a nation.

Remember that we are an independent nation based on the principles of democracy, and we have a rich and vibrant past and a hopeful future that we give our children to protect and preserve.

We love you, Marshall! Enjoy the backyard barbeques, church picnics, and three-legged and potato sack races. Light the firecrackers and give the kiddies the sparklers to hold but be safe in whatever you do.

Happy Fourth!