How Can We Help Others in Marshall, Illinois?

These have been difficult times for many people. 2020 has been a chaotic year, but we can always find ways to help others in Marshall, and by doing so, we help ourselves. The people of Marshall, Illinois, know what it means to be a real community. Our churches offer outreach. Our library offers many free programs. Our concert band entertains us, and our schools do so much for our kids. Everyone plays their part.


So, what else can we do to help others in Marshall?


Taking a note from two kids in Illinois:


The Yepsen kids wanted to do something to help people less fortunate themselves. Tinley, 7, and Teegan, 4, did what many kids across America do, but not for their benefit, for others. They started a lemonade stand. They weren’t looking to make money for more toys or trips to the ice cream store. Instead, they raised $120 to donate to the Western Bureau County Food Pantry.

Not only did they raise money for folks less fortunate, but they learned some great life-lessons on how to interact with people, how to talk to people face to face, and to serve others using their manners; things that haven’t been so easy of late.

They sold lemonade and cookies for the asking price of 50 cents. Still, when folks found out their mission, the kids got several donations of $10 and $20 from some very generous folks—such a great example to set.

If you have kids and like this idea, pick a local charity and find a way to raise some funds. Remember to have the kids wear their masks and stay safe. We’re not out of the woods yet.


Looking for a way to help our Marshall youth?


Become a mentor, sponsor, or donor for the Marshall Area Youth Network (M.A.Y.N.), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring Marshall’s youth.

Marshall Area Youth Network has been making a difference in the lives of Marshall youth since 1994. By facilitating positive youth development through networking organizations, promoting strong families, and supporting school efforts, they positively influence the community.


The mentors that volunteer with MAYN work with at-risk students to assist with everything from career exploration to the development of social skills and all-important self-esteem. They have positively influenced the members of our community for more than two decades. They will continue to do so with our support.


They offer wonderful programs that you can get involved in.

  • Lunch Buddy Mentoring
  • Career Mentoring
  • Boys are Cool/Girls Are Powerful after-school programs
  • Marshall Leadership Team


Lunch Buddy Mentoring:

The Lunch Buddy Mentoring program matches elementary school students K through 6th grade. Adult volunteers meet with them 2 to 4 times per month during school lunchtime.

Career Mentoring:

If you think you would make a good Career Mentor, you must have the time to meet with Jr. High and High School students every week during free school hours. Your role would be to encourage and support the student you mentor not only with school efforts but also with learning what they might want to do in their future education and careers.


Marshall Leadership Team (MLT):


“MLT provides leadership training, distinctive learning opportunities, and positive role modeling to Marshall High School students.” 

MLT’s goal is to teach advanced leadership skills to the students who participate so they can become strong community leaders in the future. MLT is an investment in the individual student, community, and society. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please reach out to MAYN.

The MLT leadership workshops offer outreach to at-risk high school students to help build skills in leadership.

Here are some things that would make you an excellent match to become a mentor for a student who could use a caring adult’s influence.

  • It would help if you were a good listener.
  • You must have and be able to show respect for young people.
  • Your time must be flexible.
An Event to Help a Local Family this Month: Stacey’s Stand Scavenger Hunt


Stacey Speros, an employee with the Marshall Police Department for over 19 years, can use our help.  Stacey was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma cancer and Stage 3 Stomach cancer.

Not only is Stacey a respected member of the Police Department, but he is also the School Resource Officer for the Marshall School District and a volunteer Firefighter with the Marshall Fire Protection District.

His wife Rebecca Speros and he have three children and four grandchildren. The money we raise through this event will assist Stacey’s family with meals, lodging, fuel, and other needs during the long road they face ahead

Let’s let this great guy know that he is not alone in this fight. Marshall is fighting with him!


Event Details:

When: Saturday, October 17 · 9 AM – 3 PM CDT

Where: Clark County Fair – 502 N 2nd Street, Marshall, Il 62441

Tickets: $50 – $2,000   – Costs: $50/Vehicle includes 2 shirts (Additional Shirts $15)

Registration begins at 7:30 AM at the Clark County Fairgrounds gate. Pay your fees there or show your ticket receipt. You will get your tee shirts at that time.

8:45 AM – instructions for the event

At approximately 9 AM, we will proceed to 2nd Street for a parade down Archer Ave.

Once the parade is over, the hunt begins.

Get lunch on your own at your discretion.

2 PM –  All participants return to the Clark County Fairgrounds by 2 PM with raffle/door prizes between 2 PM -3 PM – raffle/door prizes and closing ceremonies

For questions about the ride or how to become a sponsor, please email Keith Crouch at

This is a rain or shine event. No refunds. This is an alcohol-free event. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING, PLEASE!