Let’s Get Healthy! Body, Mind, & Spirit: May is Mental Health Month

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? America has been observing this since 1949, most likely due to the influx of soldiers returning from World War 2 who had been through the most terrible war in history. We now realize how much trauma affects people, and so May has become the month when we shine a light on the subject of mental health.

Some Statistics:

One in five adults suffers from mental illness.

One out of every six people under age 18 experience mental health issues.

Roughly half of those who have mental illness aren’t receiving treatment.

Nearly 20% of all Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

Teen suicide is at an all-time high.

There is a correlation between depression and heart disease, and substance abuse.

Depression can affect a child’s grades in school and adds significantly to the high school dropout rate.


Our Shared Mental Health Experience:

As a nation and a world, we have suffered a life-altering event. We have spent more than two years living with the fallout of a pandemic that shut down the entire planet. People have had to deal with isolation, depression, and stress, which has caused physical health issues as a result of so many people contracting Covid and mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, and suicide among young people are at a record high.

Our physical well-being cannot be separated from our mental well-being. Our mind, body, and spirit are connected in profound ways.


Mental Health can Affect your Physical Health:

Now that we can finally connect with others, attend live events, and with the cold weather dissipating, the warmth of spring, and the promise of summer on the horizon, we can start to work on our physical and mental health.

Getting outdoors, taking a walk or hike, and working on our gardens can help us feel better physically and mentally. Even sitting outside or laying in a hammock reading a good book can bring us to a healthier mental state. Getting our young people away from the TV, phone, and other devices and involved in outdoor activities will bolster their mental health and improve their physical health as well.

Here in Marshall, Illinois, we care about our senior community. We have activities that give them an outlet to enjoy time with friends, learn new skills, and gain knowledge about their own health, from financial well-being to physical and mental health. Our seniors have significantly suffered these last few years. Many are still feeling the after-effects of being isolated or ill, losing friends and loved ones.


A Great Event for Seniors to Learn About Holistic Health:

Attend the event, “Dine with a Doc.”

When: May 13th

Time: 11 am to 1 pm

Cost: Free, and lunch will be provided

Where: Trinity United Methodist Church

503 S. Michigan Ave. Marshall, Ill.


RSVP: 877. 223. 6109

What: Hear from a holistic health practitioner and be able to ask the doctor questions during this interactive event. Win door prizes! Enjoy fellowship with other people who want to learn about holistic health.

About the Dine with a Doc program:

The Dine with a Doc® program was created for the senior population. The concept is to get them into a community setting where they can gather, meet other seniors, and learn about health and wellness, not only physical health but financial, mental, and holistic health options. They will learn about resources that are available to them. These events promote enhanced living, a better quality of life, and learning about various types of healthcare, from traditional medicine to other modalities.

Doctors share information and answer questions. Local businesses can sponsor and share their expertise with the seniors in attendance but can’t just present sales pitches.

The format includes a welcome prayer that is not mandatory for participation, recognition of the military and their families in attendance, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.