Marshall Illinois Organization Supports and Inspires Local Artists

Art is important to Marshall, Illinois. From local art to Wall dog murals and of course our beloved Lion Statues. Marshall shows it’s love of art!

One of the places local artists can get the opportunity to exhibit their work and for budding artists to further their education, The Gas Light Art Colony.

The Gas Light Colony:

The Gas Light Art Colony, a not for profit, volunteer-based, organization, opened on Saturday, October 17, 2009. The works of local artists are featured artists monthly with a gallery showcasing their work. It was formed by 12 active members and has been supported by the community with items being donated in order to open the gallery and art studio.

Their Mission Statement:

The Gas Light Art Colony is dedicated to broadening an appreciation of the Arts by providing opportunities that promote awareness, participation and understanding through fine arts exhibitions, classes and workshops.

Various art classes are taught by volunteers. Children and adults interested in Basic Art, Photography, and Ceramics, can find classes and workshops that meet their needs and desires.

For more information about classes, workshops or to become a supporting member, call 217-293-1050 or email

Gaslight Art Colony
516 Archer Ave., Marshall, Illinois 62441
Phone Number 217-293-1050

They are open for winter hours Wednesday – Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm until February 16th when the hours will be more extensive.

You still have time to see the work of David Ericson, which is on display until December 14,

David is a member of “Watermark” – a 16-member artist collective. His work ranges in size and media techniques from small wood engravings to a forty-foot-long printed, segmented hanging piece “Ornithologists Necklace.” He has been acknowledged as a contributor to the growth of hand papermaking in America in “Handmade Papermaking Today” by Turner & Skiold ’83 and included in “Contemporary American Printmakers” by Rooney & Standish 2014.

Wall Dog Murals

Marshall, Illinois is home to some of the most unique outdoor wall murals in the world. From June 22-26, 2016 over 150 artists known as The Walldogs, came from across the United States as well as Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, England and Australia came to Marshall for the express purpose of creating these wonderful murals. They left us with 16 historic murals and a custom glass piece. This collaborative group included sign painters, graphic artists, and other talented artists who reunite every year to entertain and transform a community with their special brand of artistic interpretation, entertainment, and friendship.

This all started in 2012 when the Marshall Chamber of Commerce began working with Walldog Leader, Scott Carl Lindley to coordinate the raising of the funds needed to support the project, and develop the themes of Marshall’s rich and wonderful. Lindley then went off to assemble his team of project leaders to design and manage each mural topic. Each of these murals highlights an important historical figure or location that at some point contributed to Marshall’s culture. The Clark County Historic Society and the Chamber Board identified some 30 topics, and with the help of the Walldogs, narrowed it down to 16.

Participating Walldogs are never paid for their work, but the event coordinator and the designers of the individual murals do receive a stipend. And, the cost of feeding and housing the artists, along with the cost of the paint and other materials, including frames for the some of the murals were covered by donations by individuals and businesses and through sponsorships. Yargus Manufacturing donated and assembled the aluminum frames needed for some of the murals.

If you are visiting Marshall and would like to visit all of the murals, you can obtain a brochure that includes the history of each mural, a map, and a list of hidden items that are in each mural. These can be picked up at the Marshall Chamber Office at 708 Archer Ave or at surrounding businesses.

On Archer Avenue in Marshall, you will find a brightly colored mural featuring a farmer and the words “Agriculture” and “Marshall, Illinois.” A block or so up the street, “Harlow’s Dog N Suds,” will catch your eye. Near courthouse square, and another mural, “The National Road,” can be found. At almost every turn in the heart of Marshall, you might be treated to viewing murals that are as colorful and bright as if it were painted yesterday.

The goal of The Walldogs in creating these murals is to help a town tell its story, leave a legacy, and create wonderful memories for the town and the artists involved. The project leaders, who were responsible for the individual murals from start to finish, sketched the designs onto the buildings or panels. They created, in essence, a huge paint-by-numbers canvas for the artists and volunteers who would complete the murals.

During the next several days, artists, along with local residents, labored to make the artists’ designs a reality. Some came to merely watch the creation of the murals while others signed up to grab a brush and be part of the action. The end result was something Marshall, Illinois is very proud of.

Lion Statues

The Lion Statues of Marshall are a fine testament to our community spirit. Each lion has been crafted just for Marshall and decorated to fit the theme of our community. Local artists have the opportunity to personalize their designated Lion. As much as the kiddies would like to, you cannot sit on them, but you can admire them and take all the pictures you would like.

We recommend you bring your camera when you come to downtown Marshall, Illinois. Lions and Walldog murals will grab your attention and you will want pictures of our fun and inventive artwork to remind you of your visit!