Mother’s Day in Marshall – Flowers, Gifts, and Yard Sale Finds!

Once again, as we head into Spring, it’s time to think about rebirth and birth… specifically, our birth and the woman who brought us into this world, MOM!

Every year, In the U.S., on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate our moms with the Mother’s Day holiday. We set out to recognize mothers, people who stepped in when we needed a mom (sometimes a grandmother, an aunt, or a family friend), and motherhood in general. It’s a day to remember everything our mothers and mother figures have contributed to our lives and the lives of our families. Mothers are the cornerstone of society. They are often overlooked for all they do, so on Sunday, May 12, 2024, let them know how much they are appreciated.

Children, husbands, partners, and other family members and friends can show how much they love, appreciate, and recognize what the moms in their lives do for them in ways or extravagant. It doesn’t have to be significant expensive gifts (though go for it if you can afford it), fancy dinners, or elaborate displays. Most moms are happy to know that you care. Think about a personal gift that shows her that you know her and that you know what she likes. Write a heartfelt card or offer to do something for her that makes her day easier or nicer, and show your gratitude.

Here in Marshall, Illinois, there are many ways to make Mom’s Day memorable. If she is a member of one of our beautiful churches, get her a simple corsage to wear to church and escort her to the service. It’s a sure thing that she will appreciate walking down the aisle proudly wearing your gift on her collar. Check out the choices at Maria’s Florist shop, Greenbriar Cottage, or Pretty Petals.

Cut flowers are great, too. You can never go wrong with roses or a bouquet of spring flowers, but a plant that can sit on her front porch or windowsill will last much longer and be a better value. Consider a perennial, like a rose bush, lilac, or other plant or bush that will grace her garden long-term and serve as a reminder of your love for her.


Don’t let her cook:

Of course, taking Mom to a special meal is always a good plan. We have some great places to take Mom for something as simple as coffee and a light breakfast or a more robust meal for brunch, lunch, or dinner. We have great coffee shops featuring specialty coffee, tea beverages, and unique baked goods.

For something unique, The Silo is offering a Mother’s Day menu as well as their regular menu, and they are serving from 11 am to 2 pm – reservations are suggested. You can never go wrong at Sam’s Steakhouse in Marshall for a hearty and delicious dinner. If all that is out of your budget, cook a nice meal or do a backyard barbeque. If she loves the outdoors, pack a picnic and take her to one of our many parks for a special outing. The main thing is…  No cooking, cleaning up, or dishwashing allowed for Mom!


The Big Yard Sale:

Prices have increased on many items, so you may be on a tight budget. Luckily, on Saturday, May 11, Marshall is having a Community Yard Sale. There will be many things to purchase and peruse all over town starting at 8 am. You can find treasures from vintage items to plants, jewelry, clothes, and more. Wander our streets and look for the signs for each location. There will be endless bargains, many possible gift ideas, not to mention stuff you might be looking for yourself. Ask Mom if she wants to go bargain hunting with you and make a day of it. She would enjoy spending the day with you, taking the kids along, while checking out all the items for sale in each location. Wind up the day by grabbing a pizza and the Lion’s Den or a cocktail and Moe’s and make a full day of it.

Marshall never has a dull day, and Mother’s Day weekend will be no exception. Make it special regardless of what you buy or do for Mom. She deserves it!