New Compensation Posting Requirement

Public Act 97-609, effective January 12, 2012, added a section to OMA which applies to employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund must:

1)  post on their websites the “total compensation package” for each employee making over $75,000 per year within 6 business days of approving their budget; and

2)  post on their websites at least 6 days before approval an employee’s “total compensation package” that is equal to or in excess of $150,000.

If the employer does not maintain a website then a physical copy of this information must be posted at its principal office. 5 ILCS 120/7.3.

FY 2023/2024 Public Act 97-609 Compensation Report.

IMRF’s Employer Cost & Participation Information

Forms and Additional Information:

Ordinance #2011-O-08 concerning the designating of an OMA Designee

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