Electrical accidents often occur when you’re tired or distracted, so always be on the lookout for opportunities to eliminate safety hazards.

The right way:

DO have GFCI outlets and waterproof covers on all outdoor outlets.
DO look out for overhead power lines every time you use a ladder or pole. Stay at least 10 feet away from any electrical lines.
DO call a professional for help trimming trees near power lines.
DO keep electrical devices and cords away from water.
DO keep children and pets away from padmount transformers. If the door is open or the lock is broken, call your electric company right away.
DO teach kids to stay far away from substations, and explain what the warning signs mean.

The wrong way:

DON’T assume the black coating on wires is insulation – it could be just plastic weatherproofing that provides no protection from contact injuries.
DON’T let kids climb trees or fly kites near power lines.
DON’T disguise transformers or meters with paint or bushes – a utility worker might need to work safely around it or find it quickly in an emergency.
DON’T hang signs on utility poles. Nail, staples or tacks can pose a big danger to workers who must climb the poles.
DON’T tamper with an electric meter (it’s dangerous and illegal), and keep it free of ice and snow during the winter.