Within the city limits of the City of Marshall a zoning ordinance exists for regulating and restricting the location, construction and use of buildings, structures, and the use of land.


Building permits are required to be applied for and issued prior to the beginning of any construction. A penalty could be imposed for construction that commences prior to the submission of the proper application and issuance of a permit.


Building permits are required for all building types and accessory structures such as, but not limited to, fences porches, storage buildings, garages, and carports.


Building Permit fees are:

  • Commercial Improvements          $75.00
  • Residential Improvements           $50.00
  • Unattached Accessory Building    $15.00
  • Remodeling Improvements          $15.00
  • Fence Improvements                   $10.00


Site Plan Review

The Site Plan Review process promotes orderly development and redevelopment in the city, and ensures such development or redevelopment occurs in a manner that is harmonious with surrounding properties, is consistent with the comprehensive plan, and promotes the general welfare of the city. A $150.00 application fee is required for the Site Plan Review, this fee is used to offset a portion of the publication and zoning board meeting costs.


Site Plan Review shall be required for every application for a building permit, including new construction, additions and site improvements, and as required by this ordinance as a condition of approval for a use in a R-3, R-4, B-3, B-4, I-1 or I-2 zoned district or for the following uses: banks and financial services, car washes, churches or temples, department stores, farm equipment sales and services, gasoline and service stations, grocery stores, hotels or motels, restaurants (fast food / drive through), restaurants (sit down) or truck stops.


Building permit, Site Plan and zoning questions can be directed to the Zoning Enforcing Officer.

Please call us at City Hall, 217-826-8087 or stop by 201 S. Michigan Avenue.


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