Snow, Snow, & More Snow – Winter 2021 Meets Winter 1979 in Marshall, Illinois

The city of Marshall enjoyed a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend with lots of candy, hearts, flowers, and gifts. Many folks participated in The Great Chocolate Crawl, which encouraged residents and visitors to stop in at local shops and learn more about our wonderful little town and the businesses that sustain us.

However, after the pleasant weekend, Mother Nature decided to hand out one extra special surprise to Marshall, Illinois: a massive snowstorm. The storm left behind a fantastic display of glistening, frozen rain in varying degrees from eight to ten inches of winter white in Marshall. Weather advisories from the surrounding areas recommended that everyone stay home for the remainder of their Monday evenings, as the winter storm had left its slippery mark, and was causing quite the upset on the roadways.

Some of Marshall’s residents said that they had not seen snow like this in years and were reminded of the significant snowstorms from the 1978-1979 winter season. In Illinois, the worst winter years ever recorded since the 1880s were the years: 1976, 1977, 1978, and the beginning months of 1979. During the 1978-1979 winter, snowfall reached an impressive 60 inches in the northern part of the state and a harrowing 31 inches in the southern region, where Marshall proudly stands today. Much like the current temperature of the 2021 season, the average low in the winter of 1978-1979 was 15.9 degrees. It was stated in the documents recovered from the 1978-1979 winter that these low temperatures were such that the snow could not melt and therefore allowed the height of the accumulation to increase to over 40 inches in the southern region before the weather let up. This dilemma eventually led to heavy spring flooding in the area, causing a host of other problems.

Please Conserve Energy Sources

The City of Marshall made a significant announcement on their social platforms and website on Sunday, February 14th, about the current state of natural gas systems affected by the harsh weather. The word on the web is that some of the interstate pipelines had to cease or restrict their abundant flow of natural gases to the northern states due to the harsh weather’s effect on local regions.

In the great and generally warm state of Texas, Mother Nature was at it again, gifting the state with a glorious six inches of snow.  This event was a tremendously uncommon occurrence due to Texas’s position near the equator. This occurrence affected the State of Illinois and the city of Marshall’s current disadvantage, as Texas supplies a large percentage of the country’s natural gas production. To make matters worse for the economy, this brief restricted flow of natural gases spiked the cost of natural gases substantially. The city of Marshall has asked for her residents to try and minimize their usage of gas-powered appliances while the rest of the country tries to dig themselves out of this rare winter surprise.

The city offered some helpful suggestions to keep resident’s gas bills down during this time. The first suggestion was to avoid using gas-supported stoves and dryers and lower thermostats to reasonable temperatures for the pets and plants in the home’s less-used rooms. It was also suggested to break out the electric space heaters in the high activity areas, if possible. Even though the temperatures are predicted to move back to more reasonable temperatures soon and hopefully continue to rise, residents are still being advised by the city to keep the use of gas-powered appliances down until the beginning of March.

Winter Wonderland

Although this winter storm brought back memories of the great storm of 1978-1979, the winter storm of 2021 is mostly just leaving everyone snowed in for a few days and has most people feeling grateful and thrilled with this last-minute winter wonderland.

Schools were canceled before the storm even arrived and were closed for Tuesday, February 16th, but luckily not before the Marshall Lions were able to win their game against the Arcola Riders on February 10th. It came down to a tie of 44 to 44, and in the last moments, the Lions roared to victory with an exciting winning shot in conjunction with the end of the game buzzer. Big excitement for our hometown team!

It seems that once again, the residents of Marshall will be confined to their homes. However, this time due to a far less ominous reason than that of the lingering pandemic.

We may be well past the holiday season, but mother nature has independently decided that it is never too late for a White Christmas. Break out the sleds and make those snowmen and snow ladies.