Time for Spring Cleaning in Marshall, Illinois

The Easter bunny has come and gone. The weather is improving. The cold and snow are (hopefully) behind us, and now is the time when young minds turn to thoughts of love and baseball, and Mom’s thoughts turn to… let’s get organized! In fact, April is “Keep America Beautiful” month. Let’s get busy with some spring cleaning in Marshall.

American’s, including those in Marshall, have always been fond of “spring cleaning.” Maybe it’s because Spring brings new life. The trees and plants start to bloom again. Cherry blossoms, Dogwoods, and Magnolias are bringing the pinks, whites, and purples. The Crocuses, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, and Pansies are starting to stick their colorful heads out of the soil to reach for the sun. It might be time to do some planting. Get that flower bed or vegetable garden back up to speed. Start an herb garden, and in no time, you can be using fresh herbs in your salads, soups, and dressings. Before you know it, you will be slicing up fresh tomatoes and eating beautiful vegetables from your garden. What you sow, so shall ye reap!

This spurt of new life inspires us to open the windows, clean out the cobwebs, and get ready for a fresh start. For many people in Marshall, that means the proverbial “Spring Cleaning.” Purging those closets, donating unwanted clothes, toys, and odds and ends. That sweater that Aunt Jane gave you for Christmas, the vase that doesn’t fit your motif, the unmatched dishes, and cups, those books you’ve already read (or know you never will) all have to be sorted into piles; keep, donate, sell, toss out.

When Spring approaches, we think, what can we do with all this stuff we no longer want? If you have many items in the “Sell” pile, it might be time for a garage/yard sale. If you’re going to go it alone, you can make signs and advertise your sale and hope for the crowds to come.

Community-Wide Yard Sale – May 8

But if you want to be part of something bigger, start getting your yard sale items polished and priced and join the Marshall, Illinois, Community-Wide Yard Sale. On May 8, the Marshall Chamber of Commerce is promoting a city-wide yard sale. Suggested hours are 8 am-1 pm, and the event will happen come rain or shine. If you want your yard sale advertised, you can contact the Chamber to get signed up. A small advertising fee is listed as part of the event that will bring folks from Marshall and neighboring towns to check out all the good stuff being sold. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all.

While you’re getting the yard sale ready, you may want to get the yard ready too. Sales on seed, mowers, yard equipment, and even plants can be found at the nearby home improvement and garden centers. It’s time to pressure wash the walks and decks, get the barbeque grills cleaned up, the propane tanks filled, and the lawn furniture spruced up for those first outdoor gatherings.

There are lawn and tree companies in Marshall who are ready to work for you if you need some of the winter deadfalls, tree branches, or overgrown shrubbery addressed to make it more manageable. Hire a local Handymen to do whatever tasks around the house need doing. Check Facebook for advertisements or call the Chamber for recommendations. There are lots of talented people in Marshall who want to help you with your Spring cleaning efforts.

But what about the office? Whether you work from home or in a commercial space and need to clean out that massive pile of paperwork and old files, Marshall has your back.

City Wide Clean-Up – April 26-30, May 1

Once again, our Township will be participating in a city-wide clean-up. The Data Management Shred Truck at the City Garage will make it easy to get rid of paper and documents that need to be shredded. They will be offering convenient drive-thru shredding on Saturday, April 24, from 8 am-Noon. All Marshall Township businesses and residents are welcome to utilize this service. They only request that to help with traffic flow; please limit yourself to 10 boxes this time. Please enter at the 14th Street gate when you arrive.

Whatever your cleaning and preparation plans are, get ready to enjoy a happy and healthy spring. The world is making a comeback, and we are all ready for the fresh breath of air, the end of the pandemic, and the return of peace and joy on earth!