If you feel you have a tree located on City ROW that is in need of removal you need to download the Tree Work Permit or call the Utility Department Secretary at 217-826-8087 and request the tree be examined for removal.

Upon the city receiving this request the city arborist will inspect the tree and determine if the tree is:

  1. on City ROW
  2. in need of removal due to damage, dease.

If the arborist’s report recommends the tree be removed then a work order is created for the tree to be removed by city utility crews.

If the tree is on private property it is the responsibility of the property owner to have the cut down and removed. The city will not pick up this tree waste.

The following is a downloadable form to be used to request a inspection of a tree located on City ROW.

Tree Work Permit Application

Tree Work Permit Online Form