WATER TAP (Service Connection)

Residential – Single Family


Inside City Limits            $    250.00

Outside City Limits        $1,500.00

Specific Water Line Extension Agreements

Bass Lake                       $3,000.00

Spiketown                        $3,000.00

Tree Top Acres               $3,000.00

Hickory Hills                        $677.67

Briarhill                                $677.67

Briarwood Estates           $3000.00

Oakridge                         $1,500.00

Braynard                         $1,500.00

Sanders Estates            $1,500.00

Residential – Multi-Family

Duplex or Apartment Building

$250.00 for first tap

$100.00 for all others (within same building

Separate meter for lawn watering purposes only $250.00 per tap


Residential & Non Residential


Inside City Limits                  $200.00

Outside City Limits           $2,000.00

Specific Sewer Line Extension Agreements

Along IL Rt 1 from Walmart to North of I-70

Residential                   $2,000.00

Non-Residential           $5,000.00

Golf Lakes Forcemain- From Golf lakes Subdivision to Wastewater Plant

Inside City Limits          $1,500.00

Outside City Limits       $2,000.00

Residential – Multi-Family

Duplex or Apartment Building

Duplex                 $200.00 ea

Apartment           $200.00 ea


Residential – Single Family

Residential           $200.00

Temporary           $100.00

– $50.00 refunded if meter returned in good condition and customer supplied temp. service

Residential – Multi-Family

Duplex or Apartment Building

Duplex                 $200.00ea

Apartment           $200.00ea

GAS TAP Priced per foot, (Price includes time &material for installation½” or ¾” P.E. service line)

Inside City Limits            $2.25 per foot

Outside City Limits         $3.25 per foot

Black Steel pipe              $3.25 per foot

Minimum fee of $250.00 for outside city limits installation