Rainy Day Blues of Winter in Marshall, Illinois

Gray, snow, and rainy days are the stuff of Winter 2024. January can be gloomy and leave us a little blue. We get stuck inside more than we would like and find ourselves longing for an early Spring. The temperature has been up and down, and it’s easy to catch a winter cold or flu when coming in and out of the house, car, or work. Coat on, coat off. Gloves and hat or not? The weather keeps you guessing, and it’s important to stay hydrated and eat healthy food to avoid getting sick.


But what do we do to keep busy and stay cheerful? Of course, for some of us, there’s Football. We’re down to the playoffs, and lots of excitement is building around the idea of Super Ball Sunday and the parties and food that go with it.


For some of us, we enjoy the downtime. We read a little more. Marshall is fortunate to have an excellent library, with many choices, from books to magazines to movies to borrow. Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime have many TV series and movies to keep us busy, especially since the writer and actor strikes are over and everyone is back to creating entertainment for us.


Some of us enjoy more time snuggling with our loved ones in front of the fire. We break out the recipe books and cook up soups and chilies. We make big pots of stews and hearty pasta dishes. We need that feeling of comfort food, hot chocolate, tea, and coffee to warm our bellies.


Even if it is a little on the gloomy side outdoors, remember that we have a great downtown in Marshall. The stores and restaurants can use your support when things are a little slow. Hanging out downtown on a Saturday, browsing in the stores, grabbing a delicious coffee or baked good at Gypsy Queen Coffee or Lisa’s Bakery, or a hot and gooey pizza at the Lion’s Den is always a pick me up. Show them a little love and drop in. Small businesses are what keep our country alive. They’re the backbone and heart of America, and we would be lost without them.



Plan ahead for Valentine’s Day in Marshall


While you’re downtown, you can start to get ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. Our shops have many interesting items to help you think out of the box and surprise Mom, your significant other, and even the kids. Don’t leave anyone out, even that favorite teacher. Everyone loves candy, stuffed animals, and flowers, but you might find something even more unique in one of our one-of-a-kind stores.


Participate in the Valentine’s Giveaway happening in downtown Marshall.


If you want to be a lucky winner and have some free fun prizes for Valentine’s Day festivities, get downtown and visit the businesses participating in the Valentine’s Giveaway. Drop your name in the jars at each business to be eligible. Each business on the list below is donating two gift cards, and every winner will receive one of the cards, so you have two chances to win at each store. The winning names will be drawn on February 12th, when someone from the Marshall Chamber will retrieve the jars and randomly draw the winners.


The businesses participating are:


Back in the Woods

Moes Liquors – Bar & Package

Moes On Main Bar & Grill

Tatum’s Place Boutique

Lion’s Den Pizzeria


Clover Field Market

Lisa’s Bakery

Fried Green Tomatoes Shop

R & B Auctions

Gypsy Queen Coffee Bar


The main thing about this time of year is to enjoy the grey winter days and long winter nights. Stay warm, stay healthy, and stay happy. Spring is just around the corner… or at least down the block.