September 4, 1900

  • City adopts ordinance-establishing water system designed to provide 750,000 gallons per day.
  • Water wells to be located along big creek and operated by 50 HP gas engines
  • Water tower to be 80,000 gal capacity and 115’ high
  • Water system plans and specs by A.M. Patitz, Consulting Engineer of Milwaukee, WI
  • Sold certificates totaling $9,000.00 to pay for system

March 5, 1901

  • Established city plumbing licenses, $500.00/year anniversary May 1.
  • Established $2,000.00 road cut and surface restoration bond with maintenance for 1 year

September 3, 1901

  • 3500 LF water main extension

August 3, 1953

  • Council approves the installation of the process of fluoridating the city water supply in accordance with the practice for reducing dental decay.

June 26, 1954

  • Council explores possibility of drilling new well with Kelly Wells, Inc.

August 2, 1954

  • Council hires Kelly Wells, Inc. to drill new well.

October 4, 1965

  • Council adopted resolution to permit residents of Livingston to tap onto city water supply.

June 6, 1955

  • Council accepted bid on cast iron pipe, steel pipe and fire hydrants for 12″ water main from well site to water tower.

July 16, 1956

  • Council approved material and labor for 6″ water line from Vine St. to Sycamore St. on S. 11th St.

July 6, 1960

  • Council entered into agreement furnish water to Lincoln Trail State Park.

October 8, 1962

  • Council made and approved motion that all water taps to properly be charged for time and material and also to authorize to be included in building permit that there must be water shut off valve between the meter and property to be serviced at the owners expense.

March 8, 1965

  • Council contracted Layne-Western Co. to acidize the south water well at the waterworks for a price not to exceed $890.00


  • Replaced original water tower with a 500,000 gal water tower along IL Rte. 1, south of Archer Ave, tower is 139’0″ to overflow.


  • Constructed water main extension to Interstate 70 Plaza


  • Constructed 500,000 gal water tower in the southwest corner of town, tower is 110’6″ to overflow.


  • Constructed phase I water system improvements – replacing 6″ AC line south of town, and various valve insertions


  • Constructed phase II water system improvements – construct 8″ waterline on Mulberry St. to IL Rte. 1
  • Acid washed all 3 wells, relined well #2 and installed aqua-screen on wells 3 & 4
  • Constructed new well house


  • Constructed phase III water system improvements – replacing well field piping and installing new 12″ main from well field to downtown water tower.


  • Constructed new water main from 4th St. to 7th St. along Archer Ave. – replacing 1900 cast iron main.


  • Council accepted the bid from Layne-Western for the drilling of new wells 5 and 6
  • Construction began for new wells in summer of 2006


  • Wells 5 and 6 were completed and brought on line