September 8, 1891

  • City entered into a 20-year agreement with Thompson Huston Electric Company of Chicago, IL.
  • Electric Company to supply 2000 candlepower arc streetlights and 16-candle power incandescent curb lights.
  • City to rent for a 10-year period 30 or more 2000 candlepower arc street lights. These lights to be kept burning from early candle – light till day-light each night in the year excepting such times as the moon shines brightly so as to require no artificial light (in case of doubt the Mayor may decide).
  • Cost of lights to City – City would pay rent at the rate of eighty dollars per year for each light so furnished, in 12 equal monthly payments.
  • Rent for private customers – Maximum rent to be charged to private customers shall be 10 dollars for arc lights per month and seventy-five cents for sixteen candle power incandescent lights per month, lamp renewals in addition.

October 1, 1900

  • City enters into 15-year franchise agreement with LuCole or to a date, which City buys utility.
  • LuCole purchased light plant from Thompson Huston Electric Company and remodeled/repaired for up to $1,000.00.
  • LuCole names plant – Marshall Heat and Light Company.
  • City to rent on a year-to-year basis 40 or more 2000 candlepower arc streetlights.
  • Cost of lights to City – City would pay rent at the rate of eighty dollars per year for each light so furnished, in 12 equal monthly payments.
  • Cost to private customers – Each 16 candle power incandescent lamp for business house fifty cents per month. Each 16-candle power incandescent lamp for residence, hotel, church, and public hall twenty-five cents per month.

December 7, 1903

  • City extends franchise with LuCole for twenty years.
  • LuCole to enlarge, extend and repair Marshall Electric Light and Power Plant.
  • LuCole to reduce cost of light rental to city due to the number of lights rented. The city agrees to rent on a year-to-year basis 40 or more 2000 candlepower arc streetlights.
  • Cost of lights to City – City would pay rent at the rate of seventy dollars per year for each light so furnished, in 12 equal monthly payments.

December 28, 1903

  • City purchases Electric System from LuCole.
  • City and LuCole cannot agree as to the amount that shall be expended by LuCole for repairs and extensions of said electric plant.
  • City believes it has a mutual interest in the operation, control and management of said plant and that the best interest of said city therein would be better served by the absolute and sole ownership and control of said plant and appurtenances.
  • City purchases Electric Plant and appurtenances from LuCole for 26 percent gold bonds of $500 each

HISTORY: The old light plant, which had been in service for more than thirty years, had reached a point where it was giving trouble continually, where the cost of repairs had become burdensome, and where no new customers of electricity could be supplied. The plant was located off the railroad and the cost of hauling coal was heavy. It seemed to the administration at that time, that the proper thing to do was to erect a modern plant, electrify the water station, and make one power plant do the work of two. This would save from one-fourth to a half of the coal consumed, reduce the working force, save cost of repairs, give service to all who desired it – and in a general way would be a good proposition to the city financially. By a unanimous vote of the council an election was ordered to issue bonds to build. The election was held Oct. 11, 1921, and after a hard fight between those for and against, in which the Democrat was conspicuous in leading the fight for a new plant, the proposition to build carried by a substantial majority. The employment of a supervising engineer followed, and after many delays, plans were prepared and bids called for. The first bids were opened at the October meeting of the council, 1922, but were rejected. Other bids were called for, which were opened at the November meeting 1922. The bid of the Chuse Engine Company of $52,000 for the light and power plant was accepted and a contract entered into. Soon thereafter construction work was begun, and the plant is now complete, but has not yet been turned over to the city by the contractor. The plant is thoroughly modern in every particular, well constructed and built for less money than any plant of its class in the state. The citizens of Marshall who were on the council at the time with Mayor Arthur Poorman, and who wrestled with the thing from its inception to the finish are; Chas. Brandenstein, Chas. Metz, Owen Walker, J.L. May, E.E. Howell and Norman Bennett.

January 7, 1957

  • Council approved plans and specifications w/cost estimate from Rogers-Schmidt Engineering Co. for proposed improvement to light plant and existing system June 3, 1957
  • Council approved plans and specifications to be let for bid for an addition to the Electric plant and wiring for new switch gear.

July 1, 1957

  • Council accepted bid of Earl Kuykendall Construction Co. for $33,400.00 completion time 120 days

November 2, 1959

  • Council hired Rogers & Schmidt Engineering Co. to do a survey of Municipal Power Plant and additional equipment needed.

September 7, 1960

  • Council accepted specification and approved letting bid for cooling tower.

October 3, 1960

  • Council accepted bid of Marley Company, Inc., Kansas City, MO for furnishing and installing a 3000 gpm cooling tower for $18,396.00.

November 7, 1960

  • Council Approved contract with Worthington Corporation for purchase of a Natural Gas-Diesel engine generator, 2250 KW (engine #4) for $340,350.00 with estimated complete installation being $457,000.00.

February 16, 1961

  • Council accepts bid for power plant building expansion and equipment foundation from H. Readinger for $30,500.00.

June 26, 1961

  • Council accepted bid for piping for 2250 KW dual fuel diesel engine #4 from H & H Engineering Co., Kansas City, MO for $24,160.00.

March 12, 1962

  • Council names committee for planning Open House at newly completed power plant

August 26, 1968

  • Entered into agreement with Rogers and Schmidt to consummate the agreement with CIPS for power supply.

September 9, 1968

  • Approved contract with CIPS

May 12, 1969

  • Accepted bid for construction of substation for $32,985.00.

January 22, 1973

  • Construct high voltage substation for North part of town, $65,762.00.

April 9, 1973

  • Approved construction of 13,800 volt loop in the North part of town for $29,500.00

December 28, 1973

  • Approved building warehouse at 14th St. and Archer Ave.
  • Approved repair of 12-cylinder generator as needed.

February 11, 1974

  • Repair to 12 cylinder generator – complete cost, $34,000.00

June 9, 1975

  • CIPS presented option of city purchasing all electric power from them. Council decided to remain on same program as they are on currently.

January 26, 1976

  • Council decided to purchase all electric power from CIPS and repair generators 1 at a time for emergency power supply.

May 12, 1978

  • Council entered into agreement with Rogers & Schmidt to make an electrical survey as to the procedure and cost of improvement to power plant prior to renewing contract with CIPS which is due to renew in 18 months.

August 16, 1978

  • Report on finding of power plant study – recommendation to install one large engine in addition to the already existing engine. The City must now arrange financing.

September 11, 1978

  • Hired Rogers & Schmidt to prepare plans & specs for anticipated improvements to the Electric Power Generating Plant.

March 26, 1979

  • Council rejected all bids on proposed power plant expansion.

September 10, 1979

  • Council voted to shut down power plant and purchase all electric power from CIPS. The power plant is to be placed on standby and operated only in emergencies. The power plant operators were to be laid off. Approved expenditure of up to $10,000.00 to bring engines into operating condition.

October 8, 1979

  • Entered into contract with CIPS for purchase of electric power.

September 28, 1981

  • Hired Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende, Inc. to review municipal electric utility and sale of a part of the electric generating equipment.

April 26, 1982

  • Approved purchase of materials & reclosure for separating the creek line from the south circuit.

August 23, 1982

  • Sold Engine #4, 12 cylinder Worthington Dual Fuel Generator to Regency Square Shopping Center, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida for $35,000.00. The remaining power plant was moth balled.

October 28, 1985

  • Council agreed to offer a 50-50 cost sharing of moving electric meters outside of buildings all services to be moved within 90 days.

April 28, 1986

  • IMEA made presentation to council about becoming a purchasing member.

August 11, 1986

  • City approves ordinance to become a member of the IMEA.

October 13, 1986

  • Proposed CIPS contract presented and tabled.

October 27, 1986

  • City council approves CIPS contract. The contract will expire July 1, 1995.

November 10, 1986

  • Council voted to ratify the Mayor’s actions directing CIPS not to file the recent approved contract with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

March 9, 1987

  • IMEA Power Agreement presented and council took no action.

March 23, 1987

  • IMEA Power Agreement Contract presented and approved.

July 27, 1987

  • Approved bid for construction of electric line to serve Interstate Plaza area. Donco Construction received the bid for $64,390.00 from Lincoln Drive area to the North Substation Site.

August 24, 1987

  • Council approved purchase of Electric Substation package from ASEA for cost of $341,850.00. This is to be the North Substation.

September 14, 1987

  • Electric Line Extension for $32,500.00 from Donco to build circuit to North of I-70 area.

November 23, 1987

  • Change Order at North Substation for CIPS metering requirements for $6550.00.

December 28, 1987

  • Council entered into agreement to sell Edgar Electric Coop Association wholesale power.

January 25, 1988

  • Council hired Creole Production Services to give an estimate on cost to overhaul power plant. IMEA offers capacity credit for stand-by generation.

April 11, 1988

  • Council received estimates on rehabilitation of power plant. Approved engineer to search out labor and supply for rehabilitation.

May 23, 1988

  • Council approved advertising for a new substation transformer and repair the damaged transformer at the South Substation.
  • Received quotes to install fence around substation to help keep animals out of substation equipment fence $5,375.00.

June 27, 1988

  • Council approved bid for purchase of new substation transformer from McGraw-Edison Power System for $195,629.00.

July 25, 1988

  • Council entered into agreement with Powerhouse Company to overhaul the Power Plant not to exceed $162,000.00.

February 13, 1989

  • Council approved a new revised estimate for the rehabilitation of the Power Plant. New estimate of $213,231.00.
  • Council retained Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende, Inc. to prepare cost estimate to extend electric service North of I-70.

June 12, 1989

  • Approved bid for $8,866.12 for Power Plant roof repairs.

October 9, 1989

  • Awarded contract to Donco for $74,050.08 for electric line extension to Westwood Subdivision and North of I-70.

2001 – Current

  • City Adds Generation
  • City hires Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende Inc. to study and make recommendation for additional generation. Study recommended the addition of 13,500 Kilowatts of generation.
  • City approves the addition of addition of additional generation and hires Barnes, Henry, Meisenheimer & Gende Inc. to design and bid the additional generation project.
  • Additional Generation Project consists of: 8ea – Caterpillar Quick Start Generators each producing 1725 Kilowatts therefore totaling 13,800 Kilowatts, contract awarded to Altofer Inc. for $2,854,406.00 and 1 ea – EMD – Electro Mechanical Diesel Generator producing 3200 Kilowatts, contract awarded to Industrial Diesel Service for $728,594.00. Bringing total generating capacity to 16,550 Kilowatts.